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Spiderban NC Ltd offers professional pest control & exterminator services in Christchurch and all of North Canterbury, specialising in House Interior and Exterior, and also Garages, Barns, Shops, and more.

VALUE. Like you, we understand the need to get the most for your dollar, so we offer free treatment on clotheslines, wheelie bins, and garden furniture as part of your main, paid project. (Be sure to mention these areas to your Spiderban NC ltd representative.)

We also spray fences and additional buildings or any customer’s request for an extra charge.

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Interior Pest Treatment:

Our interior product is a safe treatment and used to control whitetails and other spiders, flies, silverfish and other insects that are a problem.

We have found over the years the more expensive products are the safest and most effective, so we only use the best products available.

When the treatment is done the house must be vacant for three to four hours (3-4 hrs). We have guidelines for preparing the house so it is ready for treatment.

Exterior Pest Treatment:

W’re not just doing a job…we truly appreciate and respect your property!

Our exterior treatment protects your paintwork and keeps your home looking fresh and clean throughout the year.

We are not cleaners but we remove the cob webs with a pole brush before we spray.

We do not just spray a band around your house, but we coat your house from the roll at the top of your spouting all the way down to your foundation and around your windows.

Shops, Offices, & More

We regularly service Shops and Commercial Buildings and can provide a quote on request. Please ask when you get your quote for any extra structures that may require treatment.

Don’t put this off any longer!

Let us know what pest control issues you’re facing and we’ll be glad to offer our advice and even give you a free quote.



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